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[IDD #DHE-868834]: MRF Data

Hi Brendon, 

Looks like i left you hanging, I did not see the question at the end...my bad ;)

I ~think you will want to use the GFS 002 from the CONDUIT feed, it goes from 
hour 192-384.

All the reg ex's and patterns for CONDUIT GFS are located at:


..or for the GFS 002 it would look like:

# Pipe all GFS Grid #002/#003 to decoder (note includes new NCEP file NAMES)
CONDUIT (ST.opnl/MT.gfs|prod/gfs.*pgrb[^2])
        PIPE    decoder

..this is from:


Way sorry for keeping you on hold, thought we had closed the ticket :)

Happy Monday, 


Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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Ticket ID: DHE-868834
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