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[GEMPAK #VBF-560457]: Download real-time data into GEMPAK

Hi Jeff,

> I'm attempting to download real-time data (i.e. Level I & II radar data
> and metar observations), but am not sure how to download data from an
> ftp site.  I recently installed LDM from source code and was successful
> in creating a product queue while going through the "LDM Activation"
> guide.  I sent along my pqact.conf and ldmd.conf files to see if I need to
> uncomment a particular line in order to retrieve the data I want.

Your ldmd.conf file has no uncommented feed REQUESTs for data.  Even if
you start your LDM, it is not asking for data from anyone.

> I'm not
> sure about the process of requesting live-data on-demand.  I'd like to
> be able to save surface and sounding data to my $GEMDATA directory so I
> can complete the GEMPAK tutorial exercises.

You would need to:

- REQUEST relevant IDD datastreams from one or more upstream sites

- setup your LDM configuration file ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf to not only
  REQUEST the feed(s) you want, but also to run 'pqact' to process
  the directives in one or more GEMPAK-configured pattern-action files

- configure GEMPAK to look at the directories that get populated
  by GEMPAK decoders that process the data in the IDD datastream(s)
  that you setup your LDM configuration file to REQUEST and process

> So far I've just been able
> to work with the historical data that came with the GEMPAK installation.
> I'd greatly appreciate any help you can offer.


- is your installation at a university, college or community college?

  If it is, then we can help you by arranging for a Unidata university
  to honor feed REQUESTs from your machine.

  If your LDM installation is for private use, you will need to find
  a Unidata university participant that is willing to feed you data.


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