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[LDM #JOF-421815]: Not receiving NEXRAD3 data...

Hi David, 

We see the clock re-set:


Great, i really think this will help out.

> Jeff,
> Here is a little more info today as I was using the watch command (ldmadmin 
> watch -f NEXRAD).  The radar data was slowly getting behind…once it was an 
> hour behind…it stopped updating.  I wonder if I am trying to download me too 
> much data.

That ~may be the case, but it is our last option..we may want to split your 
NNEXRAD feeds into separate request lines, if data continues to drop we will go 
down that path
before we cull any data requests. Let's watch it today and see how it plays, 
and if needed we can tune the ldmd.conf request for RADARS
 and split the request to gain efficiency.

  Anyhow…just wanted to give you more info here.  As a note…I have started ntpd 
and made sure that the clock is set properly…so that didn't fully work!  Thanks 

Great, appreciated :)

> --David
> David M. Stokowski
> Client Support Analyst II
> Department of Atmospheric Science
> Creighton University
> 2500 California Plaza
> Omaha, NE 68178
> Office: (402) 280.3523



Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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