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[IDD #VZA-442965]: ldm configuration tweaks

Hi Neal,

I was in the middle of writing this reply to your inquiry when I was yanked
away for a meeting.  In the interim, Steve wrote you are reply (and sent
it again in case you didn't receive the first copy).  Hopefully, the
info below will help round out the info needed to answer your queries...

> I'm setting up a new LDM server and I believe most everything is working. I
> have been able to start the ldm server and verify the data is coming in.
> There are a few things I would like to adjust to make it similar to our
> previous ldm server:

OK.  We have a comment for you at the end of this exchange.

> 1. The data seems to be coming into /home/ldm/var/data/data/gempak. The
> desired destination for the data is /data/ldm/gempak. When I adjust the
> registry to point to /data/ldm it still creates the data/gempak folders
> within that so the full data path becomes /data/ldm/data/gempak. Is there a
> way to adjust that so it goes into /data/ldm/gempak?

Two things, one of which is LDM-related and the other is GEMPAK-related.


When moving to new versions of the LDM, users have to be aware of a
change in default data directory structure.  Formerly, ~ldm/data
was where the LDM queue would be created/used by default, and where
package decoders (e.g., GEMPAK and McIDAS) would use as a toplevel
directory under which subdirectories would be created


The pattern-action file(s) actions generated by the GEMPAK process
that creates pattern-action file(s) and ldmd.conf entries assume
the old, ~ldm/data structure is still in place.

To "solve" the issue you are reporting, you need to do two things:

- LDM: modify the LDM registry file (which you report that you have done)

- GEMPAK: create a ~ldm/data link to where you want data to go:

<as 'ldm'>
cd ~ldm
ln -s /data/ldm data

NB: if ~ldm/data already exists, I need to know if it is a directory
or a link to a directory.

> 2. I don't believe the logging is working correctly. The registry has it
> pointing to /home/ldm/var/logs/ldmd.log but nothing is written to that
> file. I would also like for that log file to be located in /data/ldm/logs/
> if possible.

If logging is not working, it is likely that one of a set of things
was not done/not done correctly:

- the LDM uses the system 'syslogd' (may be 'rsyslogd') logging facility
  for logging

  The /etc/syslog.conf (or /etc/rsyslog.conf) file must be correctly
  configured to write LDM-issued log messages to the LDM log file.
  Current versions of the LDM should do this for you correctly, but
  I would review the contents of /etc/syslog.conf (or /etc/rsyslog.conf)
  to make sure that the LDM-related configuration entries look correct.

- SELINUX _must_ be disabled or permissive for LDM logging to work

  The file /etc/selinux/config controls how SELINUX works.  The default
  setting in /etc/selinux/config (e.g., for a brand new OS installation)


  This must be changed to:




  for LDM logging to work.

  NB: after modifying /etc/selinux/config (as 'root'), you will need to
  reboot your machine for the change to take effect.

> The old ldm server is running ldm 6.7.0 and does not appear to have the
> regutil function so I'm not exactly sure where to look to find the
> settings. Any help would be appreciated.

The man page for 'regutil' will be found with the man pages installed
for the new version of the LDM, ~ldm/share/man.  If this directory
is not in your MANPATH, you will need to add it.


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