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[Datastream #SYG-389000]: Changing requests based on time

Hi Joe,

> I have a small question
> I have a line in my LDM conf to pull data down
> request FSL2 "(.*000Hour)" idd.unidata.ucar.edu

OK.  Just so you know, the '.*' preceeding '000Hour' is not
necessary, and the only reason to enclose the regular expression
in parentheses is if there is a second request with the same
pattern and you want to force both feeds to operate in PRIMARY

The following REQUEST will likely be just want you want/need:

request FSL2 "000Hour" idd.unidata.ucar.edu

By the way, I assume from this pattern that you are interested
in the HRRR data; correct?

> Is there a way I can modify it to request
> request FSL2 
> "(.*000Hour|.*001Hour|.*002Hour|.*003Hour|.*004Hour|.*005Hour|.*006Hour)" 
> idd.unidata.ucar.edu
> every 6 hours
> request FSL2 "(.*000Hour)" idd.unidata.ucar.edu
> the rest of the time

There is ** IF ** there is a part of the Product IDs that will match only
every 6 hours.

Also, your REQUEST could be written more compactly as:

request FSL2 "00[0123456]Hour" idd.unidata.ucar.edu

Assuming that you are trying to get the HRRR data, then one of the last fields
looks to be the date/time in the form CCYYMMDDYHHMM. Here is a portion of a 
output that shows some of the Product IDs:

Feb 26 00:19:12 notifyme[29468] INFO:   687326 20130225232621.583    FSL2 000  
Feb 26 00:19:12 notifyme[29468] INFO:   430611 20130225232621.596    FSL2 000  
Feb 26 00:19:12 notifyme[29468] INFO:   429679 20130225232621.602    FSL2 000  
Feb 26 00:19:12 notifyme[29468] INFO:  1285428 20130225232621.614    FSL2 000  
Feb 26 00:19:12 notifyme[29468] INFO:   792242 20130225232621.629    FSL2 000  
Feb 26 00:19:12 notifyme[29468] INFO:  1151492 20130225232621.640    FSL2 000  
Feb 26 00:19:12 notifyme[29468] INFO:   407617 20130225232621.651    FSL2 000  
Feb 26 00:19:12 notifyme[29468] INFO:  1006365 20130225232621.666    FSL2 000  
Feb 26 00:19:13 notifyme[29468] INFO:   964431 20130225232621.678    FSL2 000  
Feb 26 00:19:13 notifyme[29468] INFO:   516072 20130225232621.687    FSL2 000  
Feb 26 00:19:13 notifyme[29468] INFO:   625413 20130225232621.694    FSL2 000  

I believe that you could fashion two ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf REQUEST lines that would
do what you want (two are needed, not one):

# Get the 0 hour forecasts whenever they are available
request FSL2 "000Hour\." idd.unidata.ucar.edu

# Get the 1-6 hour forecasts every 6 hours
request FSL2 "00[123456]Hour\..*2013....(00|06|12|18)" idd.unidata.ucar.edu

I think that this will work, but, of course, the patterns need testing.

> this dataset is roughly every hour, and say every 6 we want to pull the
> forecast ones in addition to the actual, but not all the time....

I understand.  Try the example above, and please let us know if it works
the way you want/need.

> Thanks for your help

No worries.


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