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[IDD #IOW-157635]: Pelmorex Canadian Radar data

Hi Andrew,

> Is it possible for a non IDD member to obtain access to the Pelmorex
> Canadian Radar data ?

Yes.  Pelmorex placed no restrictions on that data (which is _not_ in
a standard format nor as easy to use as NEXRAD Level III data!).

> In the past, I have been under the impression that the IDD LDM stream
> is only available to higher education/research

Your impression is a bit off.  The reality is that we, the Unidata
Program Center/UCAR, can/will not feed commercial entities ** unless **
there is a measurable benefit to the Unidata community (a quid pro quo
of sorts).  Unidata university sites, on the other hand can relay
non-restricted data to whomever they want.  By doing so, that
university relay site is agreeing to support those it is supplying
data to: we can/will not support the sites in the same way that
we support the sites we are funded to serve, the U.S. university

Off of the top of my head, I don't know if Texas A&M is currently
getting the Canadian radar data from us or not.  If they are, they
may be willing to relay the data to you.  If they are not, they
may be willing to REQUEST the data from us and relay it to you.
The TAMU LDM/IDD contact is Donna Cote.  Based on the Reply-to:
address she includes in address@hidden posts, the
address you need to use for her/TAMU is:



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