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[IDD #MTL-429470]: FW: ECMWF

Hi Steve and Jim, 

Rutgers has generously agreed to feed the Kearney School.

Please use this as a letter of introduction to get the process started.


You will place your feed requests to a machine under Steve's control, likely:


..but Steve will confirm that.

You will also need to install the LDM software on a *nix machine that has BOTH 
forward and reverse DNS. Firewalls may need to be adjusted...the LDM traffic 
comes in on port 388.


You know the drill, once Jim has his machine name to us, we place an allow for 
HDS, and his request for the data will be satisfied. He is likely only going to 
pull the ECMWF data from the stream, but Jim may want ALL the HDS once he can 
have access to  it :)

Thank you for being community minded.

Cheers and good luck!

Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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Ticket ID: MTL-429470
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