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[IDD #AGE-898572]: What's the best way to find who's requesting data?


Incidentally, beginning with LDM 6.11, the uldbutil(1) utility will, by 
default, list all the upstream LDM processes that are running on the local 
system. (It pays to read the CHANGE_LOG file :-)

> I guess I'm gonna have to go down and see, on his machine.
> He did mention that he wasn't seeing the same on the other
> (ldmingest02.nwc.noaa.gov) machine he was feeding from A&M with, which
> has the plethora of requests with significant overlap.
> Now... I have the blanket allow for ".edu$". Are we all convinced that
> was working, and the problem was with the overlapped requests? For the
> time being, I've explicit allows for his hostnames and IP addresses.
> I'm trying to clean up the ldmd.conf ALLOWs, and have already had to
> deal with one organization that felt they could allow their hosts to
> go online with an IP address but not set up reverse lookup (they
> didn't get any data if I put an allow in by hostname...). If I can go
> back to the blanket allow and not have the explicit allows, it'd be
> good.
> Thanks, Gerry

Steve Emmerson

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