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[IDD #TEM-797072]: Cron <ldm@weather3> /bin/bash -l -c 'wasReceived -f "FSL2" -o 3600' || /bin/mail -s 'FSL2 data has not been received in the last hour' sebenste@weathe

Hi Gilbert,

> On Fri, 19 Oct 2012, Unidata IDD Support wrote:
> >> That is what we are seeing as well, I have a note out to FSL, we will keep 
> >> you informed once we hear
> >> back..
> >
> > Have not heard back from FSL, but I am seeing profiler data now.
> > We will let you know if we hear back, and we will watch this.
> >
> > When the machine sets off an alarm, it ~usually is right. ;)
> Yes, it has been intermittent the last two days, but today, it was
> particularly bad. Thanks for letting them know!
> Gilbert

There have been major networking problems here in the Colorado Front Range
for the past several days.  The following note we received from UCAR/NCAR
NETS let us know of the problem and that folks were working on a solution.
FYI GSD (formerly known as FSL) is in the same boat as we are, so the cause
of spotty data in the IDD FSL2 feed may, in fact, be the same.

Here is notice that we received:

  Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2012 15:35:13 -0600 (MDT)
  From: address@hidden
  To: address@hidden
  To: address@hidden
  Subject: Re: [NNAG] [Notifier] FRGP/UPoP Network UNSCHEDULED OUTAGE on        
  Reply-To: address@hidden


  Level3 techs cleaned a fiber in Denver and the circuit is now stable.  BGP
  sessions have been re-established and all services are restored.

  Posted by John Hernandez

  Previous notification dated Fri Oct 19 2012 1:57 PM MDT:


  The Internet2 WRN circuit to Kansas City has been unstable for much of today.
  The instability has worsened in the past hour, so we have deactivated the BGP
  session to Internet2 KC and TR/CPS Chicago.   Internet2 is still reachable via
  CalREN, and TR/CPS Seattle also remains available, so there should be no
  significant user impact.

  CENIC, Internet2, and Level3 have identified a degraded optical receive level
  in Denver and are working towards a solution, but we do not currently have an
  ETR.  We will update again when ETR is known.

  START: Fri Oct 19 2012 9:00 AM MDT
  END: Unknown

  FRGP/UPoP Network

  John Hernandez

  Pete Siemsen

  Posted by John Hernandez


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