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[IDD #RAU-169993]: New secondary feeds needed

Hi Donna,

re: adding an ALLOW for Canadian sites
> I'm taking care of this right now.


> In the previous email you did not mention .ca sites. I made these per
> your request:
> > allow   ANY-LIGHTNING-WSI-PCWS          \.edu$          # All US .edus
> > allow   ANY-LIGHTNING-WSI-PCWS          \.gov$          # All US .govs
> > allow   ANY-LIGHTNING-WSI-PCWS          \.mil$          # for mil sites
> > allow   ANY-LIGHTNING-WSI-PCWS          \.int$          # for ECMWF, 
> > allow   ANY-LIGHTNING-WSI-PCWS          \.org$          # organizations 
> > like Museum of Science, Renci, etc.
> In a few minutes .ca will be allowed as well. Encourage them to do their
> requests to ldm.tamu.edu (idd.tamu.edu is a cname and will work too).

Hmm... on September 26, I sent along an email that included a request
to consider adding other blanket ALLOWs:

  By the way, in case you are interested, here is the list of other
  international sites that are going to need new upstream providers:

  host3.smn.gob.ar Argentina - National Weather Service
  ubiru.cptec.inpe.br Brazil - CPTEC
  ufrj.br Brazil - UFRJ
  vkepler.sca.uqam.ca Canada - UQAM
  optimus.meteo.McGill.ca Canada - McGill
  hqlx33.ust.hk Hong Kong - Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
  hqlx92.ust.hk Hong Kong - "
  rcz006.ust.hk Hong Kong - "
  idd.uevora.pt Portugal - Universidade de Evora
  atm78-fis.clients.ua.pt Portugal - Universidade de Aveiro
  z115l243.static.ctm.edu Mcau - Weather Service in Mcau

  We cover these and others with blanket ALLOWs:

  allow ANY-LIGHTNING-WSI-PCWS \.ar$ # Argentina
  allow ANY-LIGHTNING-WSI-PCWS \.bb$ # Barbados
  allow ANY-LIGHTNING-WSI-PCWS \.br$ # Brazil
  allow ANY-LIGHTNING-WSI-PCWS \.ca$ # Canada
  allow ANY-LIGHTNING-WSI-PCWS \.hk$ # Hong Kong
  allow ANY-LIGHTNING-WSI-PCWS \.pt$ # Portugal
  allow ANY-LIGHTNING-WSI-PCWS \.vn$ # Vietnam

I recall that Gerry jumped in and said that he would implement
these ALLOWs, but I guess that I was just imagining that (I
was trading emails with other sites about the same issues).

Thanks again for adding the ALLOW(s)!


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