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[IDD #PDK-778542]: We will be migrating our LDM peer server host next week

Hi Robert,

> We are planning on migrating our LDM peer server from it's current host
> to a new host, mid-next week.   I wanted to make sure that Unidata has our
> new public IP address for this host, in your approved peer list before we
> perform the cutover so that we don't have any interruptions to our data
> feed when we turn LDM off on the old server, and enable it on the new one.

You are not being fed data from UCAR/Unidata so we do not need to know
about the change in the IP address of your LDM machine.

As far as I can tell (from reading previous support email exchanges between
you and Jeff Weber), you are getting your NEXRAD radar data from OU/CAPS and
MADIS data from NOAA.  The LDM/IDD administrators at those institutions are
the ones that need to be alerted to the upcoming change in your LDM machine's
IP address.

> Below are the IP address details of our old and new LDM peer host:
> Current IP Address on file with Unidata:
> Future IP Address:
> Can we please have both added to all the necessary 'approved' lists,
> until we perform the cutover?   Once we have confirmed that our LDM feed
> is routing properly to the new LDM server, I will issue a follow up to
> Unidata so that the old LDM host IP can be removed.

Again, since you are REQUESTing data from LDM installations that are not
under our control, we can not make the changes you are requesting.

The following is the contact information for the LDM/IDD administrators at
the sites you appear to currently be feeding from:




Mike Barth <address@hidden>
Greg Pratt <address@hidden>


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