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[IDD #HIA-924152]: request for NEXRAD LDM access

Hi James,

> I'm following up on a phone call from Tom Yoksas back on Dec. 23rd in regard 
> to
> MIT LL gaining access to the NEXRAD Level II data from Unidata via LDM. We are
> currently a client of the MAX and Donald Horvat suggested we contact you.

Happy to meet you!

> Tom said that the first steps to set this up would be for us to give you the 
> IP
> addresses and host names of the machines that we want to access the data. Here
> is that information:
> llwxldm1.wx.ll.mit.edu
> llwxldm2.wx.ll.mit.edu

Excellent, thanks.  I have verified that both forward and reverse DNS exists for
both of these machines.


- we would appreciate it if you only have 1 of these machines feed from the
  IDD toplevel cluster we maintain here here at UCAR, idd.unidata.ucar.edu
  at a time.

  This will help keep down system load and network bandwidth.

  If you want the other machine to serve as a "hot" backup, it should be
  configured to feed the NEXRAD2 data from your primary ingest machine.

> There's a chance we'll have to make firewall changes here, I'm not sure. So 
> once
> you set things up at your end, we'll take a crack at requesting data and work
> things out at our end.

You should be able to REQUEST the NEXRAD2 data from our cluster, 
To check that everything is working, please do the following:

<as 'ldm'>
notifyme -vl- -f NEXRAD2 -h idd.unidata.ucar.edu

If the 'notifyme' invocation is successful, then you can begin REQUESTing 
whenever you want.

If the 'notifyme' invocation is not successful, I first investigate the firewall
on your side as we have port 388 open to IDD feed REQUESTs.

> Thanks.

No worries.


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