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[IDD #WDN-934924]: GRIB2 files and LDM / GEMPAK


I suggest you re-read through the GEMPAK installation guide at 


and follow each step exactly as mentioned.

Your environmental variable question is answered in the second section 
"Gemenviron / Gemenviron.profile"


> Hi Jeff,
> Is there any number I can call you at??
> I really need your help please...
> I sent you make.log file in my previous mails. If you could quickly glance 
> thru to confirm the build went fine, it helps me.
> What should be my next step after building the GEMPAK source code? Should I 
> be defining all Environment variables? I see the following to be defined as 
> per the documentation.
> $NAWIPS - Top of the NAWIPS distribution  => /home/gempak/GEMPAK6.4.0
> $GEMPAK - Directory for the top of the GEMPAK tree => 
> /home/gempak/GEMPAK6.4.0/gempak
> Defined the above 2.
> $GEMDATA - Location of data files ==> /home/gempak/GEMPAK6.4.0/gempak  ???
> $OS_LIB - Library directory (used for installation)
> $OS_BIN - Location of executable code  => Where is the executable code copied 
> to??
> $GEMPDF - Location of parameter definition files
> $GEMTBL - Location of tables
> $GEMERR - Location of error messages
> $GEMHLP - Location of on-line help files
> $GEMMAPS - Location of map files
> If defining these variables is the next step, I would really appreciate if 
> you could help me their paths knowing that my source code exists in 
> "/home/gempak/GEMPAK6.4.0".
> After this step, can I dun "decode_grib2" utilities supplying GRIB2 input 
> file assuming that this is the utility that produces image file out of a 
> GRIB2 feed?
> Are there any other steps involved before I can run this utility?
> Please guide me.
> I am thankful to you for all your guidance and time.
> Thanks
> -Raghu

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