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[IDD #JHR-989766]: Assistance in becoming a Unidata user

Hi Tim

We are in meetings for the rest of the week, so responding to support will
be slower than normal...

re: which analysis/visualization package are you looking to install
> It looks like "GEMPAK/NAWIPS" is the correct set of software.

OK, thanks.

> As for acquiring the data, is it possible for us to simply automate an
> FTP pull (or maybe wget) from our end to retrieve it?

We do not want folks to grab data in this way mainly real-time delivery
via the LDM/IDD is better in a number of ways, and "scraping" of our
demonstration server machine typically causes undue load on the system.
We have cut off users who have abused this kind of access in the past,
and will continue to do so in the future.

> We will soon be discussing what delivery methods are possible and what
> we want to do.  Our primary concerns are exposing more systems to the
> outside as well as the impact retrieving this data continuously will
> have on our Internet connection.

As far as exposing systems to the Internet, your machine that receives
the data can be as locked down as you need.  Since you won't be a
relay node, you do not have to open port 388.  If you, on the other
hand, you want to relay data to others, you would need to open up
port 388 in your firewall configuration.

As far as being worried about the impact on data ingestion on your
network connection, you could request less data.

> I'm going to try to find some time today to setup the packages on
> the server we'll be using. Let me know if there are any other possibilities
> we can throw around and I'll get back to you on what we ultimately
> decide to do as soon as I know.

We strongly recommend that you use the LDM to get data pushed to you
over the IDD.  This is a proven, reliable method of receiving data
that is used by universities, U.S. government agencies, the U.S. military,
a large number of commercial entities, and universities and government
entities in foreign countries.


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