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[LDM #GOE-694008]: Request for temporary IDD for NWA Demo

Hi Brad,

> OK the feed is coming in, I need to get some things setup still for your
> statistics, so give me a bit on that

I see that you now have real-time statistics reporting setup and working:


A quick check on latencies shows that the bandwidth to your machine is
not as robust as one would like.  In particular, the latencies for
the HDS, NGRID and NEXRAD3 feeds look problematic:




This kind of latency is what we have routinely experienced during demos at
booths at a variety of venues in the past.  Ordinarily, I would advise you
to split your data feeds (to get around possible per connection-based bandwidth
limiting), but the LDM log file entries on your upstream feed host,
oliver.unidata.ucar.edu, show that you have separate ldmd.conf REQUEST lines
for each feed you want.  Given this, I don't know if there is much of anything
we can suggest to help mitigate the situation.


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