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[LDM #BJN-776611]: LDM Feed of Satellite Data

Hi Alan,

> NCDC is in the process of creating Climate Raw Data Records (C-RDR) for
> the new NPOESS satellite.  We will need to distribute this C-RDR via LDM
> and I would like to speak with someone about how best to size a large
> queue and other optimizations.

OK.  It might be best to talk with a couple of us (to get a complete

> And, would you be willing to test the LDM feed with us?

Yes.  We would do this outside of the IDD, but this is easily

> Generally, we are looking at approximately 12GB/hour.

No worries.  When we participated in tests with ECMWF for TIGGE
collection activities, we were receiving/relaying on the order of
20 GB/hr.  The typical real server backend to our toplevel IDD
relay cluster, idd.unidata.ucar.edu, peaks about 14.1 GB/hr
with averages now at 7.8 GB/hr.  I don't see any problems in
moving 12 GB/hr average for modern machines connected to high
bandwidth networks like I2/GEANT2.

> Who would be best to talk to?

You can talk to me (Tom Yoksas) or, better yet, to me, Mike Schmidt
and Jeff Weber via a conference call.


- when would you like to talk?


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