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[IDD #PVY-155954]: new ldm server

Hi Paul,

> We've previously operated an LDM server (tornado.unco.edu/
> for the University of Northern Colorado Earth Sciences Program.
> That server is being brought down, to be replaced by server
> nhsmet01.unco.edu/

OK.  A quick check of the name/IP of your new machine shows that neither
forward nor reverse DNS exists for it:

% nslookup

** server can't find NXDOMAIN

% nslookup nhsmet01.unco.edu

** server can't find nhsmet01.unco.edu: NXDOMAIN

This may be due to the machine not actually being up and on the
network yet (a 'ping' to the machine also fails, but responses
to 'ping's can be turned off in firewalls).

> I am replacing Gary Huffines as our local LDM administrator:
> Paul Nutter, 970-351-2398, address@hidden

Very good.  I have updated our records to reflect this change.

> I'm working to start our new LDM configuration with a simple request
> for IDS|DDPLUS feedtype from IDD.unidata.ucar.edu.  For the most part,
> I am following instructions from the LDM workshop I attended in July.

As soon as forward and reverse DNS are available for your machine,
your LDM REQUEST requests will be honored by your upstream host(s).
Our records (which may be out of date) indicate that your upstream
feed hosts used to be: idd.unl.edu and cirrus.al.noaa.gov.  I
can work with the folks at UNL (idd.unl.edu) and CU/CIRES (rainbow.al.noaa.gov)
to insure that feed REQUESTs from you will be ALLOWed.  Again,
this will occur _after_ both forward and reverse DNS are available
for your machine.

> My initial start appears not be be working.  It may be an RPC connection
> that I'll need to discuss with my network administrators.  Yet, with
> this note, I seek to confirm that we have the appropriate upstream
> authorization from Unidata on our new server.

idd.unidata.ucar.edu will ALLOW a feed REQUEST for any/all non-restricted
datastreams from your machine as soon as there is forward and reverse DNS
for your machine.  Please let us know when this has been setup on the UNC


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