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[IDD #AFR-833093]: wwcu

Hi Patrick,

> You are about the only Big Shot I know in the weather world, and we've never
> actually met... which shows how completely out of the loop I am :) Since you
> are my Big Kahuna, I'm going to hit you with a question:

I think your view of me as a Big Shot in the weather world is misguided, but
I appreciate the implied kudo :-)

> I remember a few years ago some hubbub going around the groups about adding
> Canadian warning products to the LDM stream, but it never happened. Today I
> was asked the question that since Canadian products are provided here:
> http://weather.noaa.gov/pub/data/raw/wu/
> &
> http://weather.noaa.gov/pub/data/raw/ww/
> plus EMWIN... why in the world aren't they on the noaaport stream?

The NWS sets the contents of the NOAAPort Satellite Broadcast Network (SBN)
based on what they consider to be the needs of the operational NWS forecasters.
Unfortunately for all of us listening in on this excellent service, they
have decided that lots of stuff that we want/would find interesting to
not be important for operations.  For example, the great increase int he
broadcast bandwidth of NOAAPort (going from 10 Mbps to 30 Mbps) would easily
allow for inclusion of all of the products being sent in the Global
Telecommunications System (GTS).  Inclusion of all GTS products would satisfy
virtually all of the outstanding requests for data product addition to NOAAPort,
but the NWS continues to choose to not do this based on their view of what
is necessary for operations.

> For
> example, we have a wonderful application that utilizes conus watches /
> warnings the instant they hit the noaaport queue, and process them
> immediately. Thus for the small amount of demand we have for Canadian
> products, we have update and maintain an entirely different application.
> However, I was asked, since the volume of Canadian products is so miniscule,
> that it would have virtually no affect on noaaport volume, why aren't they
> simply added to the steam?

Please see above.

> My answer was: I haven't the slightest clue :) As my Big Kahuna, in the
> know, what power do you have over the weather Gods to rectify such a small
> problem to assist the peasant surfs trying to survive in your humble
> kingdom? :)

We routinely ask the NWS to consider inclusion of user-requested products
in the NOAAPort SBN... to my knowledge, _none_ of our requests have been
granted (sigh).

Given the increase in NOAAPort bandwidth, I think it is time once-again to
ask that the full GTS contents be included in NOAAPort.  I feel pretty
confident that this request will go the way of all of the others we have
made, however.


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