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[IDD #GOK-818269]: Help -- NEXRAD3 feed no longer working, along with some GOES imagery from UNIWISC

Hi Marcus,

> Not sure if this ticket is still open...

Tickets marked as being closed are automatically re-opened with new questions on
the same topic...

> Some major changes on this end.  We got a brand-new server, and it will be 
> housed
> in a central facility here on campus.  Hopefully, we will have somewhat more 
> bandwidth
> to work with.
> However, this means that everything will need to be set up from scratch in 
> terms of the LDM stuff.
> I also wanted to custom-tailor our feed, as you suggested, esp for the 
> satellite and radar data.


> The server just arrived last month...and, of course, there is a time crunch 
> in getting it ready for classes,
> which start 8/22.
> I believe I can get this up and running for the most part on my own, but I 
> have found
> that stuff always comes up when time is short.

Yup, been there :-)

> I guess this is just a heads-up that things will move quickly once the server 
> is
> up and running on our network...and I may need assistance with any weird 
> issues that arise.
> (I do know that the IP address will change, and that you will need to update 
> this on your end...)

The key thing from our perspective is that your machine that will be running the
LDM have both forward and reverse DNS.  If it does, the configuration(s) to 
access to IDD datastreams is very easy.  If it does not, someone has to do 
extra work
on all of the machines which you will request data from, and the sort of thing 
can be done on the upstream side is brittle (e.g., defining a correspondence 
a fully qualified hostname and IP address in one's /etc/hosts file).

Just so you know, we (Unidata Program Center) are in the middle of moving from 
building to another in UCAR.  The movers got here at noon and are expected to be
working for several days to move all of the offices in our building (LOTS more
than just Unidata).  I tell you this because the move could effect our ability
to respond as quickly as we normally would like.


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