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[LDM #QIZ-218951]: Upstream Authorization Request

Hi Chris,

> I have rebuilt the LDM configuration for Metropolitan State College to a new
> server and would like to request allow entries for the data feeds.


> Current we have two servers authorized to pull data from rainbow.al.noaa.gov
> and papagayo.unl.edu. They are:
> Wxbox.mscd.edu
> Bora.mscd.edu
> Both of these servers are outdated and will be going off line. The new server 
> is:
> Weather.mscd.edu

OK.  One thing I notice that will be a problem: both forward and reverse DNS
do not exist for weather.mscd.edu:

rainbow:[45]% nslookup weather.mscd.edu

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:   weather.mscd.edu

rainbow:[46]% nslookup

Non-authoritative answer:       name = weather.mscd.edu.

The IP to name lookup is the critical one for the LDM since the IP address
of the downstream machine (i.e., your machine) is included in the REQUEST
that is sent to the upstream machine(s) (e.g., rainbow.al.noaa.gov, and
papagayo.unl.edu), and the upstream LDM needs to be able to translate
that IP address into a fully-qualified hostname to compare against ALLOWs.
Please talk to the Metro State network folks to get both forward and
reverse DNS setup for weather.mscd.edu.

Also, ordinarily you should send the request for LDM ALLOW changes to the
LDM administrator on all of the upstream machines which you will REQUEST
data from.  It just so happens that I have the login to the CU/CIRES/NOAA
machine (rainbow.al.noaa.gov) so I can make the appropriate modification
to their ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf ALLOWs.  NB: even though an ALLOW has been
created for weather.mscd.edu, you will not be able to feed from 
because forward and reverse DNS are not available for your machine.

Secondly: I am pretty sure that UNL's IDD relay machine is now idd.unl.edu,
not papagayo.unl.edu.  Since I have a login on this machine, I verified that
its LDM is configured to ALLOW weather.mscd.edu all non-restricted datafeeds
(i.e., you will not be able to get LIGHTNING (aka NLDN) data from UNL, so
you should not request it).  The same NB as is in the paragraph above pertains
to feeds from idd.unl.edu: forward and reverse DNS is needed before the
ALLOWs will work.

> I would like to update the feed types we pull, however, I need assistance
> with determining the best available upstream hosts to get data from. The
> feed types we would like to request are:
> FSL2
> Floaters?

Both rainbow.al.noaa.gov and idd.unl.edu are appropriate upstream feed sites
for these datasets with the following exceptions:

- rainbow is not configured to ALLOW you to request CONDUIT

- LIGHTNING data is available in a point-to-point feed from

  In order to get LIGHTNING data, you need to send an email requesting
  the feed to:


  Make sure to CC David Knight <address@hidden>.

- there is no floater feed per se

  Which "floater" data were you looking for?

- NEXRAD and NNEXRAD are different names for the same feed, so you
  should only request one.

  The default name for the feed of Nexrad Level III data is NEXRAD3 in LDM 6.8.x
  and LDM 6.9.x.

- the CONDUIT datastream is very high volume.  Are you sure you want the
  data in CONDUIT, or, rather, would you be more interested in the model
  data in the HRS (low res) or NGRID (higher res) datastreams?

- I don't think that rainbow.al.noaa.gov gets the DIFAX data, so requesting
  it from them would not get you anything.

> Also, we need to update our contact and server data for use with any future
> downstream requests.

OK.  I updated our IDD site contact list with the information you provided

> Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you need addition
> information.

Please see the various items above.

> Chris Kimmett
> address@hidden<mailto:address@hidden>
> 303.556.3932
> Thank you for your assistance,

No worries.


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