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[IDD #AGF-540724]: bigbird?

Hi Gerry,

> THanks for the update. Something's odd, and I am now wondering if we've
> been hacked, too.

Interesting...  Are there any telltales in /var/log/secure?

> The gauge data from LCRA is something we had talked
> about before I started getting it. If it's wrong, I'lll help 'em fix
> that... but it'll have to be next week.

It would be better if the data were labeled with a single feedtype.
I suggest either EXP or SPARE, but this is a judgement call kinda

I began the investigation because WMO was showing up as a separate
feedtype in rtstats listings for machines connected to the IDD.
In particular, at least one NOAAPort ingest site (Ham Weather)
is showing WMO as a feed type on their ingester.

> Anyway, the Bird is going down frequently, and I'm going thru the
> problem set trying to sort out what's happening.  I saw your login and
> wanted to ask if there was a problem. Sounds like there is, so I'll get
> that fixed.


Sorry for the problems on bigbird...


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