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[IDD #DYH-297010]: LDM Problems for Purdue Univ

> Hi,

Hi Karl, 

> Purdue is on the short list of VIP's that we allowed access to our LDM
> server directly. (As opposed to getting it downstream from the Unidata
> servers.) I added weather2.eas.purdue.edu to my allow lists, but he is
> still not getting it to work from his machine. I did cursory tests with my
> own machines and do not understand what must be wrong. Can you sort
> anything out from these notifyme sessions below the signature line?
> Here are the lines in my ldmd.conf file:
> ALLOW EXP ^weather.eas.purdue.edu$
> ALLOW EXP ^weather2.eas.purdue.edu$
looks good

weather2 resolves both forward and reverse, that is good.

> I do not have any entries in my ldmd.log from weather2.eas.purdue.edu. My
> LDM server does not seem to even know that weather2 attemted to contact
> us.

This is bad, have you asked them about any possible firewall issues?

ldmping does not fare well for weather2:

(jweber) laraine:/home/jweber 3 % ldmping weather2.eas.purdue.edu
Apr 07 18:26:24      State    Elapsed Port   Remote_Host           rpc_stat
Apr 07 18:26:36      NAMED  12.040085    0   weather2.eas.purdue.edu  can't cont
act portmapper: RPC: Timed out

Sure looks to be at Purdue's side :)


Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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