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[IDD #AAY-341525]: questions about cosmic real time profiles

Hi Bei,

> When I receiving the cosmicrt profiles using ldm, the filename of a profile
> contains the UTC time of that RO event, right?

No, not necessarily.  The pqact.conf action I sent you previously matches
the date/time information in the Product ID.  If the date/time information
in the Product ID reflects the date/time of the data in the product, then
the answer would be yes.  I can't say if this is the case since it is the
Cosmic folks who create the Product IDs for the products being made available
by the LDM/IDD.

> But I thought it is supposed to be event-driven and real time.

The LDM/IDD is event-driven.  Whether or not the products being sent
are real-time or not depends on what the originators of data setup.
The typical use of the IDD is to relay real-time data, but any data
can be sent.

> So, to my understanding, when Calgary time is 11:00 am while UTC is 18:00
> pm, so I can receive profiles in 18:00pm if at that moment an event happens,
> right?

It depends on what the Cosmic folks are doing.  If they are making
real-time data available in real-time, then you should receive it in
real-time.  If, on the other hand, they decide to delay the sending of
products by some seconds/minutes/hours/days, then the data will not be
real-time. What you can count on, however, is that the LDM will send
the data as soon as it is available.

> But according to the saved filename, I found it is not real time,
> for example, the latest event-driven data I received in Calgary time
> 11:00 am (I staring at screen and wait for data stream....), is from
> UTC 14:12~17:08
> Mar 11 18:00:16 pqutil INFO:    12536 20110311180006.084     EXP 000
> /pub_out/cosmicrt/level2/ionPrf/2011.070/ionPrf_C005.2011.070.14.12.G20_0001.0001_nc
> Mar 11 18:00:16 pqutil INFO:    12872 20110311180006.520     EXP 000
> /pub_out/cosmicrt/level2/ionPrf/2011.070/ionPrf_C005.2011.070.14.18.G32_0001.0001_nc
> ...

This would suggest that the Cosmic folks are delaying the sending of the data.

> So, could you please explain the real time thing of cosmicrt profiles?

You will need to contact the Cosmic folks for an accurate explanation.  All
I can say is that the products are being relayed by the LDM as soon as they
are made available to the LDM.

> And if certain data processing time is required to generate those
> profiles, how long it will cost?

Again, this is a question for the Cosmic folks.


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