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[IDD #DJM-823948]: Feed source for NEXRAD2

Hi Scott,

> I wish to have another machine access the feed via LDM.. The IP address is
> (cidd1-sgpc1.sgp.arm.gov, unfortunately the DNS server sits
> behind a firewall),

A name lookup resolves your IP address to a different name:

% nslookup

Non-authoritative answer:    name = iop144-sgpc1.sgp.arm.gov.

Authoritative answers can be found from:
103.124.198.in-addr.arpa        nameserver = dns4.esd.ornl.gov.
103.124.198.in-addr.arpa        nameserver = dns1.arm.gov.
103.124.198.in-addr.arpa        nameserver = dns2.arm.gov.
103.124.198.in-addr.arpa        nameserver = dns3.arm.gov.
dns3.arm.gov    internet address =

The inverse lookup also succeeds:

/home/yoksas/Download% nslookup iop144-sgpc1.sgp.arm.gov

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:   iop144-sgpc1.sgp.arm.gov

Given that the machine appears to have forward and reverse name lookup,
you should be able to request the IDS|DDPLUS and/or NEXRAD2 feed(s)
from idd.cise-nsf.gov.

> this machine is located at one of our facilities in
> Oklahoma (although much of the traffic is routed through Argonne Lab in
> Chicago, the lab firewall separates my current machine from this one,
> otherwise I would just relay)
> I'll be after Nexrad2 and IDS|DDPLUS again. The use of the data will be
> fairly similar, we will be using the nexrad data for display along side our
> X and C band radars, all government/university/nfp research with no
> commercial element.

Very good.

A question comes to mind:

- why not feed this second machine from the first one you setup
  (anl-titan.mcs.anl.gov/ ?

  One machine under your control feeding one or more machines
  under your control should make things simpler (especially
  on our end).  Is there some reason you don't want to do this?


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