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[IDD #EJN-974549]: Re: 20101208: change idd feed of UBA

Hi Gustavo,

> Thank you for your mail.

No worries.

> As Celeste said, it’s all right to optimize LDM's setting.
> We don’t need US data.. so it’s better to set LDM in order
> to avoid receiving it.
> The data we do need is:
> SATELITE (as important South America and ANTARTIC),
> NUMERIC MODEL that include South America; it's
> important they have precipitation's data.

OK.  The datastreams that contain the data you are specifying

HRS|NGRID|CONDUIT - NUMERICAL model output; each datastream has some fields that
                    cover regions of South America

Adjusting the IDS|DDPLUS and UNIWISC feed requests will be easy enough.  
requests for portions of the other fields will take me some time to research
and implement.

> About [ldm@unidata etc] ldmd.conf
> Most requests come from:
> idd.unidata.ucar.edu    PRIMARY
> I’m not sure if it’s appropriated
> idd.cptec.inpe.br  as “ALTERNATE”.
> is it duplicating the data's stream?

The PRIMARY and ALTERNATE designations for feeds is no longer used.
Current versions of the LDM automatically set the feed as PRIMARY
to begin with.  If there is more than one request for the exact
same set of data, then the processing receiving the feeds will 
continuously keep track of how many products they are receiving,
and adjust the feed based on if that number is the plurality in
the request:

- feed(s) that receive less than Total#/#Requests of feeds will
  switch their mode to ALTERNATE (also known as SECONDARY)

- the feed that receives more than Total#/#Requests will set
  themselves up in PRIMARY mode

This setup allows for the feed getting the products fastest to
stay in PRIMARY mode while the other feed(s) switch to SECONDARY
mode.  This approach minimizes the latency for products and
minimizes the amount of network bandwidth used.

> Let me know if you can help to solve this.

I will work with Jeff Weber (another Unidata staff member) to craft
the ldmd.conf REQUEST lines to get you model output data that is
important for your area.  Either Jeff or I will then modify your
ldmd.conf file (and then restart your LDM) with the needed changes.
We will, of course, send you a detailed email explaining what we
did and why.


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