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[IDD #GSD-112338]: New LDM installation for UNC-Charlotte

> Hello,

Hello Elie, 

[comments in text]
> We were running LDM on a RHEL5 machine that crashed and had to be
> replaced with another but more
> powerful Dell PowerEdge T310 machine. The new machine is running Ubuntu
> server 10.10(the latest).

Sounds good.

> At any rate, I've been tasked to install LDM on it to be used in
> conjunction with GEMPAK that we have
> currently installed in our linux (RHEL5) lab. I am new to LDM and I am
> not a meteorologist by any means but
> I've been examining the docs/user forums/tutorials and was able to
> download/compile it without any
> problems and now in the process of installing/configuring  ldm 6.8.1 on
> it and quite frankly is where I need
> your help on.


> But first can you please verify that this machine 'meteo.uncc.edu' is
> properly registered to receive data from you?

Yes, meteo.uncc.edu has both forward and reverse DNS and we (Unidata) can feed 
the machine, but there may be 
machines electronically closer. Please use our node: idd.unidata.ucar.edu while 
setting up, there is a possibility we may ask you to feed from another machine 
in the future (this would simply require an edit in your ldmd.conf). 

You can check connectivity using the LDM 'notifyme' command:


notifyme -vl - -h idd.unidata.ucar.edu -f [FEEDTYPE}

or leave of the -f and it defaults to "ANY"..this will return product headers 
if you are allowed to feed.

> We're using the same host name/Ip address of the old machine that
> crashed.
> My users would like to incorporate as much real-time (and archived)

Unidata's LDM/IDD currently delivers real time data, Unidata does provide 
"pull" access
to short term (1-3 months) from our server:


THREDDS and RAMADDA access to short term data as well as case studies on 
RAMADDA are available from the
above URL.

> observations and numerical model output into lectures and labs as
> possible.  Thus, they  plan to use satellite, radar, upper-air, surface,
> wind profiler, and lightning datasets as well as the GEMPAK software to
> provide a tool for visualization.

You're at the right place :)

> Looking at your website I believe including the Unidata-Wisconsin and
> McIDAS decoders and data compatibility will be needed, as will the
> GEMPAK decoders. It would be greatly appreciated if you can outline some
> kind of procedure for me to follow about getting this system up running?

Yes, do you plan on running McIDAS?

GEMPAK builds come with the needed decoders for data from the LDM/IDD, so if 
you are planning on solely using GEMPAK for viz you will be complete with a 
GEMPAK and LDM install.

> A sample ldmd.conf, pqact.conf and ldmadmin-pl.conf would be very
> helpful.

ldmd.conf examples can be found at the LDM page:


or directly:


and the pqact entries --for GEMPAK--are provided in the GEMPAK distribution.

..and a request, if possible, please direct support questions to their specific 
address...I know, it's a pain
but it helps us out, and with the AGU coming up people will be coming and 
going, so to make sure your request
gets the quickest response possible please use:

address@hidden   for feed info and requests

address@hidden   for LDM specific questions

address@hidden  for GEMPAK

...and so on :)

Our main support page is at:


> Thanks,
> Elie Saliba
> Elie H. Saliba, M.S. | Technology Support Analyst
> Technology Solutions Team
> The University of North Carolina at Charlotte | College of Liberal Arts
> & Sciences, McEniry 309
> 9201 University City Blvd. | Charlotte, NC 28223
> Phone: 704-687-5972 | Fax: 704-687-5966
> address@hidden

Hope this helps get you started, 


Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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