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[IDD #UJG-569115]: Alternate NOAAport data feed

Hi Theo,

> I'm with ERC Broadband, one of the top tier redistributors of Nexrad
> level II data.

It is good to meet you!


- Are you in charge of the LDM installation at ERC Broadband?
  If not, who is your LDM site administrator?

> We also redistribute NOAAport data, however, at present we only have a
> single feed source for that data.

What is your current upstream feed site for NOAAPort-delivered data,
and which NOAAPort datastreams are you interested in?

NB: We think you must be feeding from reflect.ncdc.noaa.gov as we see real-time
statistics for the NEXRAD3 (aka NNEXRAD) feed being reported by one of the
servers you are operating, nws-ldm1.hpcc.ercbroadband.org:


> I was wondering if you were aware of any other possible sources we could
> contact to try and set up a secondary feed source.

We can help arrange for/provide a redundant upstream host for NOAAPort 
delivered in the IDD.  First, we need to know who your current upstream feed 
is (so an additional site will truely be redundant).  We would also like to know
if you are charging for LDM/IDD access to datastream(s) whose content is derived
from products freely-available in NOAAPort.

We also have a request:

- part of the MOA with the NWS for relay of NEXRAD Level II data was the 
  that Unidata-operated machine(s) be allowed to request Level II data from all
  top tier redistributors.  Purdue, IRaDS, and the MAX have all provided this
  access; ERC Broadband apparently never did (at least, the last time I tried
  to request Level II data from one of your machines, our feed request was 
  We would greatly appreciate if you/your LDM site administrator would add the
  appropriate ALLOWs to the LDM configuration file, ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf, for
  Unidata operated machines:

  *.unidata.ucar.edu  <- any/all machines in the unidata.ucar.edu domain
  *.cise-nsf.gov      <- any/all machines in the cise-nsf.gov domain

  Thanks in advance for getting this setup!

> Thanks,

No worries.

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