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[IDD #GOK-818269]: Help -- NEXRAD3 feed no longer working, along with some GOES imagery from UNIWISC

Hi Marcus,

re: missing images from UNIWISC datastream -- volume looks OK
> Sorry, it is actually GOES 12 that is not there at all,
> and I am getting a lot of "No Image" data under a lot of other categories
> (like WEST-CONUS, EAST-CONUS....garp shows times are available, but it just 
> shows 'No image'.)

Ah Ha!  The images you are referring to are from the NIMAGE datastream, not
the UNIWISC datastream.  A quick look at latencies for NIMAGE on gwoemul show
that you are having a hard time receiving the images:

Latencies for gwoemul.wiu.edu:

The IDS|DDPLUS feed shows the same high latencies:


These two graphs strongly suggest that you are network bandwidth limited
and the volume of data you are requesting is exceeding what you can get.
If this is true, then adding the NEXRAD3 feed will make the situation even

I strongly recommend that you get together with your network folks and open
an investigation of the bandwidth that is available to you.  In particular,
find out if they are using a "packet shaper" to limit the volume of data
you are getting.

> I have attached my pqact.gempak, perhaps there needs to be some updates, or
> something got corrupted?

I think the data latencies you are reporting tells the entire story:  your
network pipe is limited.

re: you must request LIGHTNING from SUNY Albany, not us

> OK

re: did you restart the LDM after commenting out the request for LIGHTINIG? 
> Yes, I am fairly sure I did that a few times -- I also have now taken out
> the lightning data request.

The fact that we were still getting feed requests for LIGHTNING from gwoemul
yesterday when I sent my note indicates that your LDM had not been restarted
after commenting out the LIGHTNING request.

> In addition, (once we get the NEXRAD working) is there a specific example
> somewhere that shows how to just get certain radar products and certain areas
> (like excluding states west of the Rockies)?

Two comments:

- until you get your network bandwidth sorted out, I would strongly recommend
  that you not even try to ingest NEXRAD3

- there is no way to specify that you want all radars from a geographical
  region.  Instead, you will need to determine exactly which radars you want
  (and which products you want from those radars), and fashion an ldmd.conf
  REQUEST line for just those stations.  We can help you do this after the
  networking issues are sorted out.

re: please report real-time stats by machine name

> Done.

Thanks.  The real-time stats web pages show that you did make
the change.  This means that you had to restart your LDM; very
good.  I still do not see NEXRAD3 showing up in the list of feeds
that you are getting, however, so something is still amiss somewhere.


- is there any chance that we could get a login to your machine as

  NB: if you can allow this, please send the password for 'ldm' to
  my private email address ** without mention of the account name
  or machine name that the password is valid for **:


> Thanks in advance for your help.

No worries.


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