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[Datastream #QJP-354748]: GEM data

Hi Paul, 

Here is the "official" word:


[From CMC]

Hi Jeff,

There is only one restriction with this usage of EC data: paternity to 
Environment Canada must be acknowledged. This can take many form, but from the 
moment it is obvious for the client looking at the output, it is all right with 

You can find the license for the data at this address:

If you have any other questions regarding this issue, do not hesitate to 
contact me.

Best regards,

Miguel Tremblay
Coordonnateur national des services commerciaux de données- 
National coordinator, commercial data services
Centre météorologique canadien - Canadian meteorological centre (CMC)
Environnement Canada - Environment Canada

2121 Trans-Canada N. Suite 201 Téléphone/Phone: 514-421-4729 
Dorval, Québec                 Fax: 514-421-4679
CANADA H9P 1J3                 courriel/email: address@hidden 


So, it appears as long as we / you acknowledge source, all is good :)

Thanks for your patience.

Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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