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[IDD #MPZ-959115]: LDM setup

> I am writing to request access to LDM datafeeds.  Here is the requested 
> information:
> *   The name of your site (e.g., University of Elbonia, Mud Science Center)
> SUNY College at Oneonta , Department of Earth Sciences
> * The LDM administrator's
> o Name
> o Phone number
> o Email address
> Todd D. Ellis
> 607 436 2309, 607 267 3766(Cell)
> address@hidden
> * The fully-qualified hostname of the computer that will run the LDM
> cumulonimbus.oneonta.edu
> * Desired feedtypes.
> I think this is what we're interested in:
> If there's something on this list that most other groups don't want, or 
> something I've omitted that people usually do want, please let me know.
> Thanks
> -T
Hi Todd, 

Great, welcome aboard!

The requests are all across the board depending upon current research and 
educational needs, we remain agile to adapt to any new feed requests you may 
have :)

Also, NLDN, (lightning data) is restricted, cannot be propagated outside your 
domain, cannot be used for real time displays viewable outside your 
domain....and needs to be requested from:

David Knight

...I will contact David and cc you after this message.

DNS seems to be capable of resolving both forward and reverse lookups, so we 
should be set to go.

Please request all non NLDN data from:


...and I will set up the NLDN feed now.



Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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Ticket ID: MPZ-959115
Department: Support IDD
Priority: Normal
Status: Open