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[IDD #NDJ-769600]: ldm question

Hi Lance,

Mike drove this into our inquiry tracking system for one of us to comment on...

> I'm trying to consolidate multiple instances of ldm on to one server (and
> one set of config files).  I'm also trying to avoid learning any more
> about ldm than I have to. With that in mind...

Learning about the LDM is a laudable thing :-)

> In each of my ldmd.conf files I have unique "request" lines, which
> obviously makes combining those trivial.
> On the other hand, in all four of the pqact.conf files is the same line
> which is:
> EXP   ^(.*)   FILE    -overwrite      /local/d/mlso_data/\1
> So obviously combining those files into one is slightly less trivial.  I
> guess muy question is- is the solution as simple as grafting in the
> regular expression from ldmd.conf into pqact.conf?

In order to answer, we need to better understand what the ldmd.conf REQUEST
lines are; how 'pqact' is being invoked; and what the ultimate processing
objective is.

> If you need to redirect me to your ldm guy, that is fine.

This is more of an IDD question than an LDM one.


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