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[LDM #GTC-255179]: when do I need -overwrite in my pqact entry


> I recently discovered that our pqact entry to save AMDAR data needed to
> include the option -overwrite, but did not. So I have a bunch of corrupt
> files in my archive.
> EOL has quite a few feeds active in a bunch of pqact files, and I am
> concerned that others may be incorrect. So my question is:
> How do I tell if a given pqact entry needs the -overwrite option?

Whether or not the "-overwrite" option needs to be specified depends on the 
expectation of the program that will process the file.  If the program expects 
multiple concatenated data-products, then the "-overwrite" option should *not* 
be specified.  If, however, the program expects a single data-product, then the 
"-overwrite" option should be specified.

> Janine
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> Janine Aquino
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Steve Emmerson

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