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[IDD #WFT-140897]: gemapak data feed

Hi Bobby,

> my name is bobby pleasant and i have gempak on my computer trying to
> find a data feed, i have two weather stations and ham radio(kj4mlj)
> i'm a memeber of NWS and AMS, plus storm spotter and ARES memeber. I
> have my own county website called http://greenecountyweathernet.com
> And i have a interview today to see about using my weather information
> in the local paper.
> I think it's a shame that i'm trying to help people around me and study
> meteorlogy, and then college won't allow me a data feed.

We agree, but is their call as to whether or not they want to support
non-university users.

> if all else fails, i'll set my own noaaport up!!!!

Given the conversations we have had in the past about your network
bandwidth, setting up and running your own NOAAPort ingest may be
the best option for you.  The only downside to doing this are:

- the need for a largish C-band dish (3.8 m or larger)

- the need for a high quality LNB (e.g., Norsat C-Band PLL LNB)

One can typically find a cheap/free used C-band dishes.  If these are
available in your area, then the thing to pay attention to is mounting
the dish so that it won't blow away in high winds.  Also, good,
high quality LNBs are typically not cheap.  I believe that a Norsat
PLL LNB will cost on the order of $500.

If you decide to setup your own NOAAPort ingest capability, you should
be aware that there is a Yahoo NOAAPort group which you can subscribe
to and get lots of information from fellow hobbists:


Search for 'noaaport'.

You can also use our NOAAPort ingest software, but we can offer full
support in its setup, configuration, or use:

machine:   ftp.unidata.ucar.edu
user:      anonymous
pass:      <your full email address>
directory: pub/noaaport
file:      noaaport-1.4.1.tar.gz

Our NOAAPort ingest software runs under Linux (just like GEMPAK).


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