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[IDD #AMK-800312]: Products Available on the IDD

Hi Justin,

> Tom, did you see me question about the CONDUIT feed?

Yes.  I thought that I had addressed it in a previous email.

> Is it just coded as 'CONDUIT' in the IDD?

Yes.  The primary name for this feed is CONDUIT.  The same
feed can be requested using other names, however, but it
is recommended to use CONDUIT.

FYI, the list of feedtypes supported by the LDM can
be found in:


I guess the pertinent question at this point is:

- who was the site that was asking about the availability of
  the extended forecast hours?

The reason I ask is that the ability to get the CONDUIT data relies
on appropriate ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf ALLOWs for the feed on upstream
nodes.  CONDUIT was setup as a vehicle to send the high
resolution model output to educational institutions, and the IDD
relays are almost exclusively operated by educational institutions
who are, for the most part, not willing to feed commercial or
private entities.  Arrangements can be made, however, between
such entities and individual universities for any/all non-restricted
datastreams (i.e., not LIGHTNING, PCWS, etc.).


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