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[IDD #BOJ-498261]: Clock on mistral.srcc.lsu.edu is drifting

Hi David,

We just noticed that IDD products originating from LSU's IDD
node, mistral.srcc.lsu.edu, have time stamps in the future (they
were currently off by about 100s and are getting worse).  This is
reminiscent of problems seen on the mistral a number of months

Since the bad time stamps can cause data ingest problems for sites
whose LDM/IDD connections get restarted, I took the liberty of
configuring and turning on ntpd on mistral.  Please review the
configurations I made in /etc/ntp.conf to make sure that they meet
with your approval.  The time servers I specified were:

timeserver.unidata.ucar.edu  (UCAR/Unidata)
ldmtime.tamu.edu             (Texas A&M)

Before activating ntpd, I setup an entry in 'root's crontab
that, when uncommented, runs 'ntpdate timeserver.unidata.ucar.edu'
every minute.  I ran this first to force mistral's clock to be
close to being correct, and then I turned on ntpd using:

<as 'root'>
-- edit /etc/ntp.conf
chkconfig ntpd on
service ntpd start


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