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[IDD #AUI-793270]: Upstream Data Feeds

> Hi Jeff,
Hi Eric,

> We (Pacific Region HQ) are about 4 miles away from the University of
> Hawaii. Actually, WFO Honolulu is in a building near SOEST on the campus
> of UH. Actually, I'm in the process of setting the feeds and just want
> to get things going for now to start the testing process. Therefore, so
> any site will do for now. The eventual goal would be to have a full
> suite of incoming data.

U of wash pretty much carries the whole boat, if there is something they do not 
we can provide from our systems. 

> We're not really chompin' at the bit, yet.... If it is no trouble, we
> could start off with the UH feed and then get the UW feed down the road....

No trouble at all, was just waiting to get the "allow" in place at U of W...and 
that ~should
be in place now.

Please point your requests to:





Which machine would you prefer PRH to feed from?
> Question: If we are obtaining this feed with our ldm machine, we would
> have the data locally (ldm server).... then I could feed it to WFO
> Honolulu and WFO Guam (both ldm clients)? Please correct me if I'm
> wrong....but this is how I understand it.

Yes, you are correct, it resides in the queue and can be passed on. 

> Thanks for your help!
> eric

Please let us know if you encounter any difficulties.


Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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