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[IDD #AUI-793270]: Upstream Data Feeds

> Hi Jeff,
> Thank you for your response. We are requesting a NOAAport feed for the
> purposes of testing AWIPS II.
> The NOAAport broadcast system for Pacific Region flows into our cpsbns
> at one location on Oahu. This includes the feed for WFO Guam and
> Honolulu. Under our current setup, the data ingested for AWIPS II
> testing overloaded the comms lines and caused problems operationally
> with missing or late data. I believe with an LDM feed, the desired data
> will get to the AWIPS II test machines without burdening the operational
> system. Also, LDM will be the method of receiving data for ingest in
> Are there other feeds you think I should be requesting?
> Thanks for your help! and Happy Holidays...
> eric
Hi Eric, 

We are hoping to feed you from U of Wash, are you in the office close to U of 
Hawaii SOEST dept (it may be bandwidth prudent to grab from them what they 
have, and go "outside" for the rest)?

To see U of Hawaii's feeds please visit:


...and scroll down to:

        mkwc2.ifa.hawaii.edu [6.6.5]
        wx.ifa.hawaii.edu [6.6.5]
        wx1.ifa.hawaii.edu [6.6.5]

        uila.soest.hawaii.edu [6.7.0]

You may also want to see the "stats" page by feed, not host, that is at:


 They have some IDD feeds coming onto their systems, but not a complete set, 
hence we chose Wash for your feed. We have yet to hear back from 
them...holidays...what kind of a time frame are you working in? We can open up 
our servers to you in the interim (until we hear back from Wash), if you are 
"chompin at the bit" :)

Let us know your time constraints and we will work with you to get you what you 
desire...when it is desired.



Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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