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[IDD #CIV-170475]: LDM Inquery

Hi Weidong,

> Thank you very much for the GOES GVAR 10 bit information, it is very
> interesting, we had try a long time to get GVAR 10 bit full
> resolution with no Success here in Kings.

I am happy that our data off of our GOES ingest systems will be useful
to your research.

> I am very interesting in GVAR 10 bits data, actually I had McIDAS-v
> XP version installed on my machine, but I only can see the
> GOES-south - goessouth.unidata.ucar.edu ADDE server in the list, I
> can download some data manually through the GUI and export to NetCDF
> format.

You can configure McIDAS-V to include access to the EAST dataset on
goeseast.unidata.ucar.edu and WEST dataset on goeswest.unidata.ucar.edu.
This is simply done by:

- in the McIDAS-V Data Explorer window, open the list under Satellite
  and select Imagery

- in the Server Dropdown/Entry widget, type in the name of the server
  for the data you want.  For instance, type in goeseast.unidata.ucar.edu
  for the GOES-East data

- as you type in the name of a server that does not exist in the
  list of servers in the Server Dropdown/Entry, the Dataset Dropdown/Entry
  widget will clear.  Click in that widget and a new dialog will
  open.  This dialog is used to configure the dataset(s) you want to
  access on the server you just entered.

- type in EAST in the Dataset(s) entry and then click the Add Server

From now on, you will see goeseast.unidata.ucar.edu in the list
of servers and EAST in the list of datasets for that server.

The procedure in IDV is much the same except that no dialog is 
popped up.  Simply enter the server name in the Server Dropdown/Entry
widget and the dataset name in the Dataset(s) Dropdown/Entry.

> Can you give me some clue on how to automately download the data
> and save it to local disk in MciDAS area format if it possible to do
> it under McIDAS-v XP or I have to do it with MciDAS -x?

In both McIDAS-V and the IDV you can write the image you get
off an ADDE server into a local McIDAS AREA file.  To automate
the process, you would:

- work through the procedure manually
- save the procedure as a bundle
- run the bundle in an ISL script

FYI: McIDAS-V is built on top of the IDV framework.  It includes
IDV functionality plus support for work with hyperspectral satellite

> I will email the MciDAS support people to register my interesting
> and cc it to you.

OK.  Just so you know: I am the McIDAS support person in Unidata.  I
handle all Unidata McIDAS inquiries, develop new McIDAS functionality in
Unidata McIDAS, create new Unidata McIDAS distributions, etc.  I am
also on the McIDAS Advisory Committee (MAC) for McIDAS-V (the MAC
is advising SSEC developers on functionality that is needed in McIDAS-V;
a lot of/most the work that is seen to be needed in McIDAS-V is actually
sent back to Unidata for incorporation into IDV).

I will be responding to the inquiry you sent to our McIDAS-X department
in a separate email.


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