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[Staging #EML-186079]: Re: LDM Feed of COSMIC Data

> HI Don, Jeff,
> Sorry I was out of the office today. Though this looks like it was
> handled.
> To clarify: COSMIC is providing atmPrf, ionPrf, bfrPrf and wtPrf on LDM
> with the help of Unidata. Unidata enters the allow lines on their server
> for the downstream hosts. The only reason COSMIC wants to be cc'd on the
> email is for our records. To help with any debug, to keep a list of who is
> receiving the data etc.
> Don, when you sent the email with the details of your down stream server I
> assumed Unidata would set you up, Jeff assumed I would. So Unidata and
> COSMIC just need to get this coordinated a little better.
> --
> Dr. Karl Hudnut        System Administrator      UCAR - COSMIC
> address@hidden    http://www.cosmic.ucar.edu    303 497 8024
Hi Karl and Don, 

Seems cleared up now :)

We will follow up with any LDM request sent to us, and assume Unidata will be 
distributing the data via the LDM-IDD if we are contacted.



if it is an LDM request.

Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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