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[IDD #NRK-638543]: Help with LDM Errors

Hi Chris,

> When running LDM I receive two errors that hopefully you can help me
> with.
> Aug 05 12:06:19 bora striker2.atmos.albany.edu[9895] NOTE: LDM-6 desired
> product-class: 20090805110619.162 TS_ENDT {{LIGHTNING,  ".*"}}
> Aug 05 12:06:19 bora rainbow.al.noaa.gov[9898] ERROR: Disconnecting due
> to LDM failure; Upstream LDM didn't reply to FEEDME request; RPC:
> Authentication error; why = (authentication error 5)
> Aug 05 12:06:20 bora pqact[9889] WARN: Processed oldest product in
> queue: 3871.81 s
> Aug 05 12:06:20 bora pqact[9889] WARN: Processed oldest product in
> queue: 3871.62 s
> Aug 05 12:06:20 bora striker2.atmos.albany.edu[9895] ERROR:
> Disconnecting due to LDM failure; nullproc_6 failure to
> striker2.atmos.albany.edu; RPC: Unable to receive; errno = Connection
> reset by peer

> the striker2.atmos.albany.edu error is similar to a previous error that
> was resolved by adding bora.mscd.edu to the allow list.  See ticket#:
> GIC-297009.  Can you please check to see if bora.mscd.edu is allowed on
> this server.

We (Unidata) do not control the ALLOWs on the NLDN source machine,
striker2.atmos.albany.edu.  At some point, you should have contacted
the LDM/IDD administrator for striker, Dr. David Knight of SUNY Albany:

Dr. David Knight <address@hidden>

You will need to (re)contact David and request that an ALLOW be added
for bora.mscd.edu.

> the rainbow.al.noaa.gov error i'm not sure about.  I have checked the
> support pages but I think I need a little more guidance as to what I
> should be looking for.  Any help would be appreciated.

The errors seen for rainbow indicate some sort of a networking problem
between your machine and the CIRES laboratories (home of rainbow.al.noaa.gov)
here in Boulder.  Please keep an eye on the feed attempts to see if they
clear up.  In the meantime, you can run:

notifyme -vl- -f ANY -h rainbow.al.noaa.gov

periodically to see if the connection problems have cleared, and to see
which feeds you are ALLOWed to request from rainbow.


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