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[Support #NWF-827987]: Re: [ldm-users] LDM 6.8.0 released


> Thanks so much Steve..

You're most welcome.

> looking at the radar out of CAE right now, and
> looks like we *might* get a sprinkle out of it.. hope so.  Anyhow, I'll
> be doing some reading about various things..  I tried to plotmetrics,
> and it's looking for an X-window.  Can't remember if I added myself to
> the xhosts file on vortex, but I think probably not.  Seems I've tried
> to open an xterm from here before.  That's one of the things that has to
> be done at the console and can't be done remotely.

If you're logging into Vortex via ssh(1) from a system that has an X server, 
then try using ssh(1)'s "-X" option.

> Anyhow, again, I thank you for getting 6.8.0 installed and working.
> Sam

Steve Emmerson

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