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[IDD #NDI-257345]: "ALLOW" behaviour


> I tried the following:
> In idd-ingest.meteo.psu.edu ldmd.conf:
> allow   FSL2    some.univ.edu \.NOAAnet \.MADIS|\.ACARS
> allow   ANY-FSL some.univ.edu
> In some.univ.edu ldmd.conf:
> request UNIDATA|FSL ".*" idd-ingest.meteo.psu.edu
> Downstream ldm some.univ.edu is only getting FSL2 filtered data with this
> configuration, no UNIDATA feed data.  Did I do something wrong?

Because the first ALLOW entry with both a matching host pattern and at least 
one matching bit in the feedtype is the controlling entry for a REQUEST, the 
downstream LDM in your example will, indeed, only receive the FSL2 datastream.  
In order for the downstream LDM to receive both the FSL (FSL2, actually) and 
UNIDATA datastreams, it must split its REQUEST entry in two:

    REQUEST FSL .* idd-ingest.meteo.psu.edu
    REQUEST UNIDATA .* idd-ingest.meteo.psu.edu

Steve Emmerson

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