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[IDD #ICA-648762]: COAMPS and NOGAPS data

Hi Brian,

> I don't know if we qualify here for IDD requests since we are not a
> university, but I'll ask anyways ... can we have access to the COAMPS
> and NOGAPS data via LDM?  I saw recent posts on the ldm-users list
> saying that the data are available.

Given that we have a variety of interactions with JSC, we will allow
you access to the IDD FNMOC datastream as soon as you provide us with
the fully qualified name and IP address of the machine on which you
want to ingest the data.

> Just figured I'd ask ... the worse you can say is NO and then we're
> no worse off than we are now :o)

:-)  My sentiments exactly!


- forward AND reverse DNS should be available for your machine

- your firewall should be configured to allow inbound traffic
  on port 388

- we would appreciate you providing IDD feed statistics for this
  machine.  This will require:

  - outbound port 388 access be opened in your firewall

  - you ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf file have an uncommented 'exec' line
    to run 'rtstats' to report statistics back to us (rtstats.unidata.ucar.edu)

  - your machine act as a relay for the data to other machines in
    your network (i.e., we would like only one JSC machine to
    request the data)

Please provide us with the fully qualified name of your LDM machine and
its IP address.  We will verify forward and reverse DNS and add appropriate
ALLOWs upon this verification.

> Thanks!

No worries.


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Ticket ID: ICA-648762
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