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[IDD #NMC-701918]: USPLN pqact question

Hi Gilbert,

> >> #       FILE    -overwrite -close uspln/\1/\2/\3/\4.uspln
> >> #       FILE    -overwrite -close uspln/YYYYMMDDHHNN.uspln
> >> FILE    -overwrite -close uspln/(\1:yy)(\2:mmm)(\3:dd)(\4:hh)(\5:mm).uspln
> >
> > The second comment above applies to this action -- you have back references
> > that refer to nothing.
> (Slaps forehead)...duh.


> Bingo! Changing EXP to LIGHTNING on the above, and changing it
> to this:
> LIGHTNING       USPLN1EX-(....)_(..)_(..)_(..)_(..)_..\.uspln
> FILE    -overwrite -close /home/data/uspln/\1\2\3\4.uspln
> #
> LIGHTNING       NAPLN1EX-(....)_(..)_(..)_(..)_(..)_..\.dat
> FILE    -overwrite -close data/uspln/\1\2\3\4.napln
> LIGHTNING       NAPLN1EX-(....)_(..)_(..)_(..)_(..)_..\.napln
> FILE    -overwrite -close data/uspln/\1\2\3\4.napln
> Gets me the USPLN file I want, in the file name that I want! But there's
> still a problem.
> I am getting NO NAPLN data.
> Ldmadmin watch on the lightning feed confirms it. But, every once in a
> while I see a lightning file go by that just has "000" in it. Is that the
> NAPLN data?

Two questions:

- what is does your ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf REQUEST line look like (i.e., does
  your data request include the NAPLN data)?

- if the answer to the first question is yes, the second question is if
  the upstream you are feeding from actually making the NAPLN data available?

The answer to the second question is easily gotten from a notifyme:

<as 'ldm'>
notifyme -vl- -f EXP -o 10000 -h upstream_feed_host_for_US/NAPLN_data

If the 'notifyme' does not show the data, then you are not going to get
it.  If it does, then your ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf REQUEST line might not
be requesting it.


- the NAPLN data should be a superset of the USPLN data.  I would think
  that ingesting it would be sufficient.


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