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[IDD #NAY-560777]: FAA Tech Center

Hi Ernie,

> Could you point me to where I could get a list of data product identifiers
> available on idd.cise-nsf.gov ?

We do not maintain such a list because the contents of the datastreams
can vary as new products are added and old ones removed.  The best way to
get a list of products is to use the LDM 'notifyme' utility.  This would,
of course, mean that you would have had to install the LDM and any/all
firewalls at your site would have to have been modified to allow outgoing
requests on port 388 (which is typically the way that most firewalls
are setup), and the upstream node would have had to ALLOW your machine
to request data.

Here are two examples that will allow you to log the product identifiers
in a feed.  all 'notifyme' invocations are run as the user 'ldm' on
the machine your LDM is installed on:

1) log IDS|DDPLUS data products to user's terminal:

notifyme -vl- -f 'IDS|DDPLUS' -h idd.cise-nsf.gov

2) log the same products to a the log file ~ldm/logs/ids_ddplus.log

cd ~ldm
notifyme -vl logs/ids_ddplus.log -f 'IDS|DDPLUS' -h idd.cise-nsf.gov

You can substitute the name of a feed you are interested in for 'IDS|DDPLUS'
in the above examples.  Please review the man page for 'notifyme' or review
the LDM documentation on our web site:


for additional information/details.

> I don't know if you saw the announcement from the MADIS folks, but we are
> working with them to make the complete set of ASOS and AWOS 5min obs
> freely available to the community. We look forward to contributing even
> more in the future.

I was reading a message from Mike Barth on "High Frequency" data being added
to MADIS just before seeing your inquiry.  This will be a fantastic resource
for the community!


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