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[IDD #WFA-619667]: Request for CONDUIT feed

Hi Randy,

> thanks for the example.

No worries.

> Regarding it:
> CONDUIT gefs.*grib2/ncep/SPEC62MRF/#000/(........)(....)F(...)/(.*)/(.*) (Pa)
> FILE    -close /data/conduit/GEFS/\4_\5\6_\1_\2_\3.grib2
> I totally understand line 1 above BUT we just dont get the syntax of line 2,
> specifically what is (  \4_\5\6_\1_\2_\3  ) asking the system to do?

Sorry, I thought that you knew what the '\1, \2, ..., \n' mnemonics meant.

When one surrounds a part of a product ID with parentheses in a pattern-action
file extended regular expression, that piece can be referred to/used in the
action part.  The referencing reads from left to right, so the references
above mean the following for the the piece of the product ID:

gefs.*grib2/ncep/SPEC62MRF/#000/(........)(....)F(...)/(.*)/(.*) (Pa)::

!grib2/ncep/SPEC62MRF/#000/200810241200F000/HGHT/250 Pa PRES! 000004

\1 -> (........) which matches 20081024
\2 -> (....)     which matches 1200
\3 -> (...)      which matches 000
\4 -> (.*)       which matches HGHT
\5 -> (.*)       which matches 250
\6 -> (Pa)       which matches PA

If a product with the ID used in this breakdown was received,
the pattern-action file entry:

CONDUIT gefs.*grib2/ncep/SPEC62MRF/#000/(........)(....)F(...)/(.*)/(.*) (Pa)
    FILE -close /data/conduit/GEFS/\4_\5\6_\1_\2_\3.grib2

would create the file:

> thanks,

No worries.


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