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[IDD #YAI-193906]: current NEXRAD level II data

Hi again Ron,

> I did not find the Anchorage NEXRAD ( PAHG ) in the list on
> http://motherlode.ucar.edu:8080/thredds/catalog/nexrad/level2/catalog.html

We are not seeing this in the Nexrad Level II datastream that is 
by the NWS.

> How can I get it?

A quick search of the NCDC website shows that the period of record for
PAHG is only 1996 - 2000:

NCDC HomePage

  Find a Station

    Select 'Call Sign' and search on 'PAHG'

      Click on the first entry for Anchorage

        Click on 'INV' in:
        DAT INV DOC 6500 -Nexrad Level II

The last page shows:

     Metadata   /   Coverage Map

     Period of Record:
     Level-II: 09/16/1996 to 02/18/2000
     Level-III: 05/01/2001 to 02/19/2009 

It seems that the Level II data from PAHG is not being sent to NCDC
for archiving.  This is probably due to the fact that PAHG is a
DOT radar, not one operated by the NWS, DoD, or the FAA:


The notion that PAHG Level II data is not being collected in the same
way that CONUS Level II data is supported by the list of Level II radars
available through one of the toplevel Level II relays for the IDD NEXRAD2
datafeed, Integrated Robust Assured Data Services (IRADS):


Since NCDC is the national repository for Nexrad Level II data, I am left
with the impression that current data is not generally available for PAHG;
at least, there is none since February 18, 2000.

Perhaps one of the participants in the Unidata-operated address@hidden
list would know of any non-NCDC archives of PAHG Level II data (one list 
is at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks).  I suggest you send your question
to this list.

NB: In order to post to any Unidata-operated email list, one must be subscribed
to the list (this keeps out spam).  You can subscribe online at:



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