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[Support #FLO-999289]: IDD Access and Participation

Hi John,

I moved your inquiry into our IDD support area for comment.  Please reply to 
this email
with follow-ups on this inquiry, or send email to address@hidden for new
inquiries related to participation in and/or use of the IDD.  Thanks in 

> In the past year I have donated my time and companies services to a project 
> here in Texas
> called Skywarn-Texas.org. It was started many years ago by a gentleman in the 
> Houston area
> who brought the first EMWIN system to Texas.
> Two years ago his schedule became such that he could no longer handle both 
> the EMWIN projects and
> the Skywarn-Texas.org projects. That's where he asked me to step in.
> Skywarn-Texas.org has provided severe weather and training information over 
> the years with an
> exceptional participation from ALL local NWS Offices in Texas, The Texas 
> Department of Emergency
> Management, and numerous local spotter groups.
> I am interested in having Skywarn-Texas.org get involved in the IDD project 
> offered by UNIDATA.
> As SWT is NOT a commercial venture, but supported by a commercial weather 
> company staff I didn't
> know if it could be involved. After looking all around the Unidata site for 
> participation restrictions I could
> find none.

Here is our policy:

We (Unidata Program Office) can not feed you data directly unless there is some
measurable benefit (quid pro quo) to the Unidata community (we are funded by NSF
to support the university community).

That does NOT, however, mean that you can not participate in the IDD.  It is 
likely that one or more Unidata member institutions (which are for the most part
universities) will be willing to feed you data using the IDD.  The first site 
comes to mind is Texas A&M.

> Further my company is developing a software package for Skywarn-Texas.org 
> that will help capture
> near real-time ground based truth of severe weather events, and house that 
> dataset in a central server.

Sounds interesting.  How are you going to make those data available for use?

> If you could point me to further information regarding participation in the 
> IDD program I would be truly
> appreciative. Thank You in advance for your time and effort on this matter.

I think that the simple statement above is really all you need.  The questions 
to you now

- do you want us to pursue contact of the LDM/IDD site administrator at a 
Unidata community
  member site

- do you have a *nix machine on which you can install and run the LDM.

  If yes, does this machine have forward and reverse DNS.

  If yes, what is the fully qualified name and IP address of the machine.

- which IDD datafeeds are you interested in


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