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[IDD #GMQ-576252]: NDFD on NGRID

Hi Mike,


> I inquired with Tom Yoksas at AMS about NDFD on NGRID. I noticed when I got
> home that indeed the NDFD data I am ingesting and decoding with this action
> starts at hour 90:
> # NDFD Grid 215
> NGRID   ^[LM].U... KWBN
>       PIPE    decoders/dcgrib2 -v 1 -d data/gempak/logs/ndfd.log
>       -e GEMTBL=/usr/local/gempak/gempak5.11.1/gempak/tables
>       data/gempak/model/ndfd/YYYYMMDDHH_ndfd.gem
> I'm following up to see if there is an explanation for that or a possible
> solution. I was hoping to use some NDFD data, but I do need the earlier hours.

I talked to Chiz about this at the Family of Services meeting on Thursday 
Chiz said that only the 90+ hours of NDFD grids were being sent in NOAAPort.  He
noted that the reason for this is that there are a number of other grids 
in NOAAPort (in the NGRID feed) that cover the 0-84 hour forecast period (I 
him mentioning GFS, GEFS, SREF, etc.).

So, at least for now, you will need to use a different grid for earlier 
forecast hours.

I guess the real question is whether or not the earlier NDFD grids will ever be
broadcast in NOAAPort.  If they are not, then they could potentially be added
to CONDUIT if the CONDUIT community agrees that they are needed/desired.

I am hoping to see Chiz this afternoon or Monday (he is in Boulder visiting at 
moment), so I will ask what advice he would give you on this issue.

> Thanks!

No worries.  It was good to see you in Phoenix!


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