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[Support #HKV-830940]: question about LDM IP address

> Hi,
> We finally have our server on up and running, as well as a public hostname:  
> dmitweb.ll.mit.edu
> What's the next step?
> Thank you,
> Jared

Hi Jared, 

I have an "allow" open for you on our system:


..for the feed IDS|DDPLUS.

Configure your ldmd.conf to indicate your feed request.

You can begin requesting data at any time.

pqact.conf needs to be configured to inform the LDM what you want to do with 
the data:

FILE (file)
PIPE (pass over a decoder)

..not sure what your data intentions are :)

Let us know if we can help further, the feed is now available to you.



Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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Ticket ID: HKV-830940
Department: Support IDD
Priority: Normal
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