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[Datastream #IZJ-689237]: Additional Datafeeds

Hi Jeff,

I will keep an eye on data ingestion and decoding today to see if
things have improved.  I logged on briefly to whistler and noted that
there are still problems with dcmsfc and dcacft.  There being a problem
with dcmsfc does not surprise me greatly since I am seeing this on
several users systems.  Interestingly, those systems that I know about
that are showing a dcmsfc problem are 64-bit Linux.  This may mean that
there is some subtle problem that is showing up on 64-bit systems.  Michael
and I talked about this possibility yesterday, but did not come to any

One thing that we may want to try in the next few days is to replace the
5.11.1 versions of dcmsfc and dcacft with one from the as yet unfinished
5.11.4 release.  The thinking is that the problem may be related to
datastream changes, or to a problem that has been resolved in newer code.

Just so you know, I commented out the CONDUIT request lines in whistler's
ldmd.conf file yesterday afternoon to try to simplify the testing (i.e.,
not have potential limited bandwidth issues in play while testing other

More later...

> Well, you'll want to run notifyme, pqact, and ldmadmin watch and see if
> it looks different to you.  Like I said in my message last night, I
> fired them up, but didn't really know what to watch for.   I'm no longer
> seeing the "cannot read, cannot write" log errors, but I still appear to
> be missing grids, but I haven't checked closely enough to know if ALL of
> the same grids are missing or if it's better than it was.


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