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[Datastream #IZJ-689237]: Additional Datafeeds

Hi Jeff,

> Sorry.  The "cannot write to file" errors are in the decoder logs which, 
> obviously,
> would indicate that it's not related to logging, since the logs work!


> I wasn't thinking real clearly when I hypothesized that.

Looking at the same problem for a long period of time tends to make one not see 
things that in hindsight turn out to be clear.  Been there, done that!

> Actually, I'm looking through the dcgrib2_RUC.log and the stuff that it
>"can't write to file+ - PRES [081014/1300F003], etc. - is the stuff that's
> coming up as missing grid names...  It looks, to my untrained eye, like if I
> can get the file writing to work, I'll solve a lot of my "holes".


> Does that sound logical/possible?

Sounds logical to me.

The BIG question is why dcgrib2 can't write to one or more files?  Since GEMPAK
logging is working, it means that the ~ldm/data/gempak/logs directory is 
by the user running your LDM (presumably 'ldm').  It would seem logical (but not
necessarily absolute) that the ~ldm/data and ~ldm/gempak directories are 
by 'ldm'.

Questions and Comments:

- first, where is ~ldm/data?  What I mean is: is a "real" directory under ~ldm,
  or is it a link to a directory on another file system?

- next, I would verify the read/write/execute permissions on ~ldm/data, 

- next, please send a long listing of the contents of ~ldm/data/gempak

- it would be helpful to see at least some of the log file for the GEMPAK 
  that is logging the most errors

The last possibility is you giving us a login to your machine as the user 'ldm' 
so we
can look around for anything that looks amiss.


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